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31 scoops to branding success.Have you ever seen a company’s logo and cringed? Or maybe it just didn’t match the company’s brand message or overall vibe and you were automatically deterred? Brands fail to recognize just how observant consumers are these days. With the market being over-saturated with startups, Instagram clothing stores, fast fashion, online grocery stores and more, consumers are more familiar than ever with online marketing and how to spot immediately what draws them in and what makes them want to run in the opposite direction. Your logo and overall brand image are the single most important thing besides your product and/or service. You want to create an image that builds not only a great lasting first impression but also customer trust and loyalty. Let’s get into how you can achieve what many popular brands still struggle to grasp.

Let’s talk ice cream. In 2015, Baskin-Robbins announced their “Celebrate 31” promotion to advertise their thirty-one flavors. On the 31st of each month in 2015, people could get a single scoop for $1.31 or a two-scoop sundae for $3.31. They also brought back several fan-favorite flavors that were previously dormant for this promotion such as “Love Potion #31”. They also included the “31” in their logo. You can find the 31 inside the “BR” lettering. This promotion quickly became a tradition for families around the country. I heard about it at school, on TV, on the bus on the way home from school kids were filled with excitement because it was “ice cream day”. Lines were always around the corner as you saw familiar faces waiting to get their scoop, just like you were. Baskin Robbins turned a simple once-a-month discount into a national community tradition that is still going strong today.

The marketing campaign Baskin-Robbins employed was effective for many reasons, but mainly because of the multi-functionality of the number “31” in their campaigns. First, they utilized a very simple tool that is often overlooked, which is familiarity. By repeatedly using the number “31” in each of their promos, flavor names, as well as in their logo, they were ingraining every aspect of the promotion in the consumer’s mind in one fell swoop. The day, the price, and the flavors. The 31st is an easy day to remember because it’s the last day of the month. Not the second Tuesday of the month, not on a random day mid-month, all consumers have to know is that it’s the last day. Consumers don’t have to try to recall any specific component of the campaign because it’s all included in the one number. Their logo goes as far as to include the “31” inside the “BR” lettering, which means not one Baskin Robbins ad goes without a customer being reminded of their 31 flavors and all the components that go with their one-a-month promotion.

Part of the success was also in the fact that many families joined in for the event, spreading-word to other families making it a widely recognized “family fun event” in communities nationwide. The assurance of other families going made it a trusted event among communities which brought more and more consumers until the promotion reached the level of success it has now. This is an older example of how user-generated content is the most useful tool in digital marketing today. Peer validation encourages participation.

After years and years, families continue to celebrate this day, line up and wait for several minutes for their scoop. This is the kind of environment you want to create for consumers within your brand. It takes a lot of creativity and working parts to make the brand and logo and overall image produce the level of success that Baskin Robbins was able to achieve in a single promotion. The RAC Team has experience with this level of success and wants to bring it to you and your business. We know how to build trust with consumers, make your brand stand out, and design a logo that will be sure to make people talk. Don’t waste another moment trying to piece together a puzzle we’ve figured out for you and contact us today to get your business on track to optimal success!

Blog by: Quinn Nunes
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