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Tracking how many people visit your webpage is important, but what’s even more crucial is your website’s “bounce rate”.  A “bounce rate” is a measurement of how many people visit your website and immediately leave without accessing anything on the site. It is highly beneficial to any brand, company, or organization to have a website that generates interest and has a unique selling point that makes users curious to learn more. Lucky for you, the RAC team knows the right (and wrong ways) to go about decreasing your bounce rate and making your site stand out!

First and foremost, obtain web traffic from users who will benefit from your content. Sure, high numbers look good, but if those numbers aren’t generating leads, sales, or engagement then it’s only purpose is superficial. To attract more users that would benefit from your content, you must create ad campaigns that target your specific niche, write practical and on-brand meta descriptions, and create an array of landing pages so that every type of user you are targeting can be appealed to.

The second most important thing here is brand loyalty. Why do people buy from huge brands like Apple or Coca Cola? Because they’ve established a trust between them and their market by proving that they have the best products. This is mostly done through immense commercial advertisement and celebrity endorsement. Believe it or not, you too can do this without spending hundreds of thousands or even millions as some of these big companies do. One thing you can do is have reviews and ratings readily accessible, as most users trust ratings from strangers as much as people they know personally. The second thing you can do is list brands and businesses that affiliate with you (using logos is best here) to show that you have a presence and that other businesses acknowledge the promises that your company claims to be able to fulfill.

Let’s talk aesthetics. The way your website looks and how easy it is to navigate is HUGE. If your website looks boring, outdated, and lacking creativity, users will take that as a sign that they should take their business elsewhere. People want to see the site of a company who takes themselves seriously, so they know you will take their business seriously too! Make sure to use bullet points, big fonts, keep it short and concise, be organized, and use brand specific colors (don’t be boring!) – and most of all, know and understand your audience and what they would like to see from your business’ online presence.

There you have it – the basics on how to decrease your bounce rate! Contact the Renee Allen Creative team today so we can assess your website and formulate a plan unique to YOUR business to help you decrease your bounce rate and increase your sales, leads, engagement, etc! RAC can also get your site in ADA compliant (check out our blog! and do monthly maintenance on your site so your site is secure and always up to date. Don’t let your website fall flat and let us get your business moving in the right direction.

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